The Covenant Hunter

The Hunter (Mgalekgolo)Edit

The hunter is a huge creature made up of thousand of worm like creatures (Lekgolo) This monstrous demon is feared by all. The hunters home world was discovered by the covenant and they was at war for a while, The hunters gaining the upper hand until the covenant threatened to glass their home world (Te) so they joined the covenant empire.

Appearance and Communication Edit

The hunter is used as a heavy combat unit used simply to smash through enemy infantry, these creatures happen to be paired up due to grouping, therefore when a hunter loses its partner it goes into a destructive rage creating a path of destruction. The hunter is huge, but it does have a weakness, the hunter is made up of "eels" and if they lose too many in battle they will die, the hunter has armour but there is parts of flesh showing and if it is exposed to enemy fire they will collapse and die. Little is known about this species and many believe they do not speak they simply growl, this is somewhat untrue as they do not use vocal chords to interact, they vibrate the body to make a low bass like noise and have often been heard to mimic speech.