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The purple elite (Minor)

The EliteEdit

Elites are the main Warriors of the Covenant Empire. They are only second to the profits, The elite minor varies in colours from purple, Navy blue, Red, Light blue, And Green.

Elites also known as (Sangheli) are an alien race from the planet sanghelios, The elites are strong, fierce and loyal creatures. There are many ranks of the elite species but halo mega bloks is currently limited to 2, These are the elite minor and the elite ultra from the (Wraith set). Elites are known to fight along side grunts, jackals, hunters and more deadly creatures from the halo universe.

Appearance Edit

The elites have similar bone structure to the human species but there are obviously extreme differences between the races for example, the jaw. Elites have what known as a half jaw, This is known as the half jaw as the elites jaw is split into 4 pieces. The elite also has a long neck and a curved spine giving it an reptile appearance. As you can see, the 4 mandibles have been put into one large one on the top and two on the bottom. This has recently changed with the new convenant weapons pack.

Sets The Elite Appears in:Edit