"The Hawk is a super-unit upgrade anti-vehicle of the UNSC Hornet (96806), specifically designed to hunt enemy
96810-Aerial-Ambush HR-1
vehicles. The Hawk is armed with a powerful nose-mounted 'Laser' Cannon and dual Machine Guns. Hawks command every square inch of the battlefield though use of Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) technology.

The Covenant Banshee is the main aerial assault craft of the Covenant forces, and every UNSC Marine fears the wailing sound of an incoming Banshee flyer. Banshees are armed with twin Plasma Cannons and the devastating Fuel Rod Cannon used for ground bombardment. Halo Wars buffs can boost the Banshee with propulsion system enhancements (higher speed and faster turns) and supercharged Plasma Cannons."

-Discription By Mega Bloks